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Reference: 16523

GP-4U gas mask

Unused GP-4U gas mask (Гражданский противогаз ГП- 4 у «Зелёный слоник»), popularly named "Green baby elephant". In the set bag for the transfer operation, the pipe and the big air filter.

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Reference: 13765

Military water filter

Contemporary, military water filter. He enables to clean majority of contaminations and toxic compounds off water. In the set: body of the filter, tubes for drawing water and drinking, and three changeable filters, everyone providing filtering 5 litres of water. Whole packed into the cover from Cordur in camouflage Digital Flora.

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Reference: 17122

Dog safety package

The contents of the pack are designed to create comfort for the physical and psychological safety of the dog and handler, as well as to secure the provision of expert first aid to the dog at the scene of an incident by the handler, regardless of the type of emergency (wounds of any kind, poisoning, strokes, collapse, dehydration) until evacuation to the...

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Reference: 16693

PDF-DA gas mask (children 3-7), black

Gas mask PDF-DA (Противогаз ПДФ-ДА), designed for children aged 3-7 years. The mask is new, unused. In the set a bag for carrying and an air filter. Production from the turn of the 80s and 90s. The masks PDF-DA were produced in three sizes - 2, 3 and 4 - size 1 has a different design and is intended for children aged 1,5-3 years.

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