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Reference: 16276

Brand: RedZone

RZ Protective face mask, Digital Flora

Protective face mask made from cotton. Fixing by rubbers. With the hole letting for putting the HEPA or microfibre filter . Possibility multiple use - after washing and ironing.

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summer uniforms
summer uniforms

summer uniforms

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Reference: 16692

Undercollar, white

White cotton undercollar (подворотник) used for all types of uniforms in the USSR and modern Russia.

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Reference: 16682

Soldiers boxers, USSR/FR/Ukraine

Boxer shorts - soldiers' underwear. Made of cotton. Such boxer shorts were used by soldiers in the USSR and later in Russia and Ukraine.

Price zł25.00
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Reference: 16659

Summer field uniform, Syria

Summer uniform for troops operating in hot climates. Designed for troops sent to Syria. Made of lightweight material - 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Price zł299.00
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Reference: 16544

AWT "Spetsnaz" summer uniform, Pogranichnik

Summer uniform of VDV, modeled on "Mabuta". Blouse with pockets on breasts, two pockets sleeves and one inside pocket of waterproof fabric...

Price zł249.00
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Reference: 16541

AWT Training uniform of Rosguard, Green Atak (Moss)

Summer training uniform of Rosguard, i.e. former Internal Armies. From the limited series, ordered by one of RG large units. Blouse with epaulettes, with two pockets on breasts, with two pockets on shoulders and with inside pocket...

Price zł229.00
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Reference: 16343

Protective set for commanders 6B24, Flora

Protective set for commanders («Комплект бронезащитный для командного состава»). The set is designed for soldiers in bars from the battalion to the army and for officers of backfront branches. A protection against chips and rebounds. Protecting from chips of 1.05 g and speeds up to 550 m/sec.

Price zł1,449.00
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