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Top quality replicas of military equipment, such as helmets, vests, flares, grenades, etc. ASG vests and equipment made from Russian camouflage fabric and manufactured in Poland. Products for fans of post-apocalyptic gear. Textiles, buckles, belts and accessories for those who want to do their own sewing projects.

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Reference: 16909

Polar blouse, olive

Warm fleece blouse with zip fastening. Two pockets on the sides at waist level. Elastic hem at the bottom

Price zł89.00
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Reference: 15572

RZ Cover for helmet 6B27, Atak FG

Helmet cover for russian kevlar 6B27 helmet and it's replica manufactured by our company. One size fits all this type of helmets. Side of cover containes rubber, to ease overlap on helmet.

Price zł39.00
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