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Reference: 16276

Brand: RedZone

RZ Protective face mask, Digital Flora

Protective face mask made from cotton. Fixing by rubbers. With the hole letting for putting the HEPA or microfibre filter . Possibility multiple use - after washing and ironing.

Price zł12.00

Reference: 13993

Brand: Federacja Rosyjska / WNP

Mayka shirt, black, cotton

Cotton shirt on straps - so called "Mayka". White & black bars - used by Marine Infantry, OMON and sometimes Tank Crew. Made from 100% cotton.

Price zł29.00
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Reference: 10114

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Flask with cover

Soviet flask with cover. Used from times of the II World War until now.

Price zł49.00
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Helmet 6B47 and accesories
Helmet 6B47 and accesories

Helmet 6B47 and accesories

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Reference: 15859

RZ Helmet 6B47 Army version - REPLICA

High class replica of 6B47 modern Russian army helmet. Helmets 6B47 are introduced in Russian Army, as a basic helmets, and as a part of "Ratnik" battle equipment.

Price zł329.00
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