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Reference: 10104

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Carrying strap for Kalashnikov or SVD

Original cloth strap for weapon. Used for russian guns: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM etc. Version from USSR, in olive-sand shade.

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ShM-41 gas mask "Slon" ("Elephant")


Military gas mask, SzM-41. Set contains: gas mask, filter, filter tube and bag.

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Not used, with signs of storing
Country of manufacturer
Poland (PRL)

Military gas mask, SzM-41. Set contains: gas mask, filter, filter tube and bag.

Caution: The filters contain various filtering substances, are out of date and are not suitable for use! The set is sold only as a collectible.

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Reference: 13641

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Poster: Hand cumulative grenade RKG-3 (RKG-3E)

Authentic training poster of the Soviet Army. Such posters were hung up in barracks and training rooms. The poster is showing the structure of RKG-3 and RKG-3E hand grenades. Poster consists of two boards which one should glue together on their own - quoted price for the set.

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Reference: 11786

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Banknote 50 Roubles

Soviet banknote about denomination 50 Roubles. Led in 1961 and in circulation into the disintegration the USSR.

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Reference: 17367

Brand: Inne kraje

5.45x39 bullets - 10 pcs

Bullets from ammunition 5.45x39 (bullet lenght 25 mm), commonly used in assault rifles in the old Warsaw Pact: AK-74, Tantal and others. 

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Reference: 14053

Brand: Federacja Rosyjska / WNP

Sledopyt "Angels in the smoke" - CD

14 songs of the known rock group "Следопыт" ("Sledopyt"). The plate is entitled "Ангелы в дымy" ("Angels in the smoke").

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Reference: 16472

Brand: Polska

Safety goggles - antidust, green

Polish goggles used by motorcycle drivers, soldiers and other services which required eye protection. Rubber rims, glass lenses.

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