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Reference: 16276

Brand: RedZone

RZ Protective face mask, Digital Flora

Protective face mask made from cotton. Fixing by rubbers. With the hole letting for putting the HEPA or microfibre filter . Possibility multiple use - after washing and ironing.

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Gear and pouches
Gear and pouches

Gear and pouches

Of all type battle gears for the soldier - vests, battle sets, rucksacks, knee-pads and goggles, pouches, belts of the weapon, and a lot of other things needed for the effective action on the battlefield.

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Reference: 16691

Carrying strap for AK, 1954, olive-sand

Original cloth strap for weapon. Used for russian guns: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM and the like. Version introduced in 1953 - front eyelet mounted on plate with flat rivets. Manufacturer's stamps from 1954. Belts in olive-sand colour.

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Reference: 16690

Makarov pistol holster on operating braces, brown, STASI

Operational harness with leather holster and pouch for an additional magazine for the Soviet Makarov pistol. The braces are fastened to trousers with buckles. The holster can be removed from the braces and placed directly on the main belt. The magazine pouch can also be clipped to the belt. 

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Reference: 16679

Universal TT pistol or Nagant revolver holster, kierza

Made of "kierza" (artificial leather) universal holster - intended both for TT wz 33 pistol and Nagant 1895 revolver. Belt loops, knop buckle, leather trim. Under the flap a pocket for spare magazine or cartridges for a revolver. Pattern introduced during World War II - exemplars from 1943-1949 production, sewn flat.

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