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Reference: 16276

Brand: RedZone

RZ Protective face mask, Digital Flora

Protective face mask made from cotton. Fixing by rubbers. With the hole letting for putting the HEPA or microfibre filter . Possibility multiple use - after washing and ironing.

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Military equipment and more. Components for the modification of weapons, magazines, medical accessories, groundsheets, transport bags, books, pennants, flags, films and many other things that can be useful on the battlefield and in everyday life.

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Reference: 16621

Wooden butt for machine gun PKM, new

Wooden (plywood) butt to the machine gun PKM. Steel foot with the hole for hiding the cleaning kit, brush for cleaning and folded up cover to the shoulder. New, unused - still without holes for twists, made during the assembly.

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Reference: 16608

Safety goggles ZP1, antidust

Soviet goggles used by motorcyclists, motorised infantry, tankers, airmen and other services who needed eye protection from dust and dirt. Solid metal frame and soft padding for even pressure distribution. Glass lens. In a cardboard box, complete with instructions and wiping cloth. 

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Reference: 16606

Safety goggles OZZ-9

OZZ-9 protective goggles are intended for protection of eyes against dazzling light and direct ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Made of flat glass lenses in a metal frame, combined in a frame of artificial leather.

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