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Military equipment and more. Components for the modification of weapons, magazines, medical accessories, groundsheets, transport bags, books, pennants, flags, films and many other things that can be useful on the battlefield and in everyday life.

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Reference: 16238

Medical armband

Cotton medical armband with the painted red cross. With belts of tying on the arm. Production from 80's years.

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Reference: 17068

Assault tape for 25 7.62x54R ammo with 2 connectors (extension)

Extension for metal assault belt for 25 7.62x54R ammo. Terminated on both sides with special links for connecting the next belt.. Used for PK/PKM/Pecheng machine guns. The short, 25-round belts are designed for rifles carried during an attack. After firing 25 rounds, the empty belt splits and falls off, so that it does not impede the movement of the...

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Reference: 17427

Powder charge pouch for the howitzer M 37

Powder charge pouch for the howitzer M 37 ML-20 (152-мм гаубица-пушка образца 1937 года МЛ-20). Gunpowder was delivered to the gun crew in such pouches. The pouches made in the 1940s.

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Reference: 16339

GP-7V gas mask

New, unused gas mask. In the set bag, the air filter, spare piece of broken glasses and the water bottle about the capacity 0.75 L.

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Reference: 17293

7,62x39 shells, steel, copper coating

Shells from 7.62x39 intermediate ammunition, commonly used in assault rifles in the old Warsaw Pact: AK-47, AKM, vz. 58 and others. Made of steel and coated with a thin copper coating to prevent rusting.

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