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Reference: 13993

Brand: Federacja Rosyjska / WNP

Mayka shirt, black, cotton

Cotton shirt on straps - so called "Mayka". White & black bars - used by Marine Infantry, OMON and sometimes Tank Crew. Made from 100% cotton.

Price zł29.00

Reference: 10114

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Flask with cover

Soviet flask with cover. Used from times of the II World War until now.

Price zł69.00
In stock

Reference: 16537

Brand: Avtor - «Автор»

AWT Tielniashka shirt, light blue, cotton

Cotton shirt with long sleeve - so called "Tielniashka". Summer wersion - light. White and blue, for airborne troops - VDV. Made from 100% cotton.

Price zł45.00

Reference: 10504

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Palatka with leather ring

Coat used as a cover from rain, camouflage and shelter - a tent. Palatkas like these could be combined in bigger tents. In one corner is sewn cord allows its transformation into a hood. Version with corner ring made from leather.

Price zł89.00
In stock

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