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tents, palatkas, sleeping bags
tents, palatkas, sleeping bags

tents, palatkas, sleeping bags

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Reference: 17004

AWT Army sleeping bag, Digital Flora

Modern sleeping bag of Russian soldiers. Outer shell carried out from impervious waters material in camouflage Digital Flora. Warmed leeping bag with layer of viscose. Inner face of soft material. In the set additionally cotton sheet buttoned up and the sack with straps for the transfer operation or the storage...

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Reference: 17005

Palatka with leather ring, early version

A cloak-collar used as rain cover, camouflage and shelter - a tent. Such pallets could be joined together several at a time to form larger tents. A cord was sewn into one corner to allow it to be converted into a hood. 1950s-60s version, with corner circles made of leather, hemmed on one side, wooden dowels - as in the Second World War.

Price zł239.00

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