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  • 35,00 zł In stock

    Original cloth strap for weapon. Used for russian guns: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM etc.

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  • 329,00 zł Product available in different sizes

    Summer uniform VKBO - truly modern uniform of the Russian Army. Implemented in 2014. Made from the new type of the fabric "Fir" ("Елочка"). Turnips of the Velcro company.

    329,00 zł
    Product available in different sizes
  • 45,00 zł In stock

    Covers for night shooting. They are being established to the rear and front sight to AK-47 or AK-74. Backlighted phosphoric points and lines are facilitating fitting sights in at night or in conditions of the weak light. On the last photograph fragment of the Soviet board with the operating manual of these covers.

    45,00 zł
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  • 179,00 zł Product available in different sizes

    One-piece, two-sided camouflage suit in "Silver Leaf" pattern. The other side additionally is washed away to the purpose of masking in front of night-vision devices of first generation. Such suits are frequently used by scouts. Maskalat has a characteristic "flap" on bum and face mask.

    179,00 zł
    Product available in different sizes
  • 5,00 zł In stock

    Drink of the type "cola", the recipe of which was made in the 1970's. With the additional aroma and the taste of cedar cones.

    5,00 zł
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  • 299,00 zł Product available in different sizes

    Modernised version of basic uniform for mountain units. Used as additional uniform established to the top or independently. Loose jacket, hood with the regulation of the size, two pockets on breasts closed to sliders...

    299,00 zł
    Product available in different sizes
  • 39,00 zł In stock

    Modern belt of the weapon. Intended for the majority of Russian rifles: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM and the like and to many other rifles and sub-machine guns. Doublepoint with metal buckles. Made from not-reflecting infrared rays (IR) of load-bearing tape 40 mm wide, in camouflage Digital Flora.

    39,00 zł
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  • 5,00 zł In stock

    Matches designed to ignite in difficult atmospherics conditions. 6 matches hermetically packed in heavy-duty foil.

    5,00 zł
    In stock


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