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Reference: 16276

Brand: RedZone

RZ Protective face mask, Digital Flora

Protective face mask made from cotton. Fixing by rubbers. With the hole letting for putting the HEPA or microfibre filter . Possibility multiple use - after washing and ironing.

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Reference: 16798T15060026

Brand: WojenTorg - «Военторг»

Patch "33rd OBRON"

Patch "33rd Independent Operational Brigade" ("33-я отдельная бригада оперативного назначения").

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Reference: 16797


Frog for bayonet 6H3, 6H4 or 6H5, black

Frog to the bayonet 6H3, 6H4 or 6H5. Made from black carried tape and of metal press studs. Belt loop is being done up - it is possible to hang the bayonet as a default to the belt, or to strap MOLLE kit.

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Reference: 16792

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Carrying strap for AK, 1954-1969, olive, painted

Original webbing gun strap. Used for most Soviet and Russian rifles: AKM, AK-74, SWD, PK/PKM etc. Version introduced in 1953 - front eyelet mounted with flat rivets. Manufacturer's stamps from various years of production. Belts in olive green, buckles painted green.

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