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Helmet SSh-40, WW2 "Remontnik", R2

ZSRR i Rosja

Soviet helmet introduced in 1940, the so-called "six-rivets". 

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Used - 4/5 - average signs of the use, scratches, slight dents
Country of manufacturer
USSR and Russia (1917-1993)
Camouflage / colour

Soviet helmet introduced in 1940, the so-called "six-rivets". 

The offer is for the exact item from the photographs. The helmet dates from the Second World War. It was repainted and conserved in the late 1940s and then put into storage. Stamped with the letter "P" ("R" - "renovation") and the date 1948. Narrow, riveted chin strap. Size 2.

Please note - the condition of the helmets is average - the helmets are painted poorly, with paint coming off in places and external rust appearing (fortunately only a thin layer, no pitting), with traces of rust on the straps. Ideal for "front", but poor for shelf collection.
Price dependent on the condition of the helmet.

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Helmet SSh-40, afterwar production

Soviet helmet introduced in 1940, produced until the late 1950s. So-called "six-rivets". Manufactured in the 1950s.

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