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Reference: 10104

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Carrying strap for Kalashnikov or SVD

Original cloth strap for weapon. Used for russian guns: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM etc. Version from USSR, in olive-sand shade.

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FRP Low-profile trousers belt, green atak (moss)


Lightweight, low-profile trouser belt. Ideal for use under all vests and combat gear. Velcro fastening, with a small steel buckle. This prevents from damaging shirts.

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New / unused
Country of manufacturer
Poland (III RP)
Camouflage / colour
Green Atak

Lightweight, low-profile trouser belt. Ideal for use under all vests and combat gear. Velcro fastening, with a small steel buckle. This prevents from damaging shirts.

Production (design and execution) entirely in Poland. We do not use Chinese materials! Materials used for production come from Poland and Europe.

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Reference: 17516


FRP Main belt, Olive

Main belt. Can be used on its own or attached to the hip belt or combat vests. Rigid construction for easy carrying of pouches. 3-point buckle by Polish company Dkal.

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Reference: 17681

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Pouch M40/41 for Mosin, leather, dark, pea-patterned

Leather pouch for clip for the Mosin rifle. The pockets hold 30 cartridges (6 clips). Made of leather, in the 1950s in the USSR. Identical pouches were made in the USSR in 1940 and 1941 - this is a simplified version of the M37 pouch, in worse leather. Here we offer a pouch made of dark, pea-patterned, varnished leather. Pockets sewn separately. Other...

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Reference: 17527


FRP Amortizing cover for sling, 35cm, Partisan lieto, KT

Special amortizing cover for gun sling to facilitate carrying heavy rifles (e.g. PKM or RPK). Suitable for most slings with a width of 2.5 to 5 centimetres. Attached to the belt with fastex fasteners. Made of risers, Kodura material, foam and fastex. Thanks to the fastex loops, the belt slides inside and does not rub against the skin.

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Reference: 17691

Brand: Polska

Webbing strap - 22 cm, with ring, green

Webbing strap for attaching or tying various items. Metal adjuster and ferrule at the end. In addition, a sewn-in circle with an internal diameter of 23mm to allow the fastened item to be hung on a hook. Lengths 22-26cm.

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Reference: 17758

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Holster for Makarov pistol, black

Holster for the Soviet Makarov pistol. A version for officers of the Fleet and Marine Infantry. Knob holster fastening.

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