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Powder charge pouch for the howitzer M 37

Inne kraje

Powder charge pouch for the howitzer M 37 ML-20 (152-мм гаубица-пушка образца 1937 года МЛ-20). Gunpowder was delivered to the gun crew in such pouches. The pouches made in the 1940s.

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Powder charge pouch for the howitzer M 37 ML-20 (152-мм гаубица-пушка образца 1937 года МЛ-20). Gunpowder was delivered to the gun crew in such pouches. The pouches made in the 1940s.

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Pennant "District Advice - Voluntary Sports Society «Spartak»"

Pennant with the inscription in Russian "Областной совет добровольное спортивное общество «Спартак»" ("District Advice - Voluntary Sports Society «Spartak»"), with the symbol of the organization and the Order of Lenin...

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9x18 shells, steel, painted

Shells from pistol ammunition commonly used in pistols and submachine guns of the former Warsaw Pact: Makarov, APS, P-64, PM-63 and others. Made of steel and painted to prevent rusting.

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RZ Cover for helmet 6B47 Army, Partisan Lieto

Helmet cover for russian kevlar 6B47 helmet and it's replica manufactured by our company. One size fits all this type of helmets. Army version - with handles for goggle, without additional holes for NVG and rail. 

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Evacuation belt - stretcher

Tarpaulin evacuation belt - stretcher. For the medevac. Length 350 cm, width 7 cm. Production from 80's years.

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Cover for flask, black

Cotton pouch for the classic aluminum canteen. Closed with snap and attached to webbing belt. Black - for Marine Infantry and Navy soldiers.

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"Oswobodziciele" (The Liberators) – DVD

Documentary movie (2010), showing the struggle between Soviet and German armies on the Eastern Front (1941-45). Lots of interviews with veterans, new maps and computer animations, shows the strategic side of the war, as well as personal feelings of soldiers who fought then.

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RZ RGD-5 - replica

Replica of the Soviet RGD-5 grenade (russian military index ГРАУ - 57-Г-717). This grenade was introduced for using the into 1954 year and is being used up to present times.

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