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Top quality replicas of military equipment, such as helmets, vests, flares, grenades, etc. ASG vests and equipment made from Russian camouflage fabric and manufactured in Poland. Products for fans of post-apocalyptic gear. Textiles, buckles, belts and accessories for those who want to do their own sewing projects.

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Reference: 15679

RZ Vest "Belt-A - Lifchik" - replica

It is a replica of the first mass-produced in the USSR combat vest. Officially, the vest was called "Belt-A", but generally adopted the name Lifchik/”Bra” Vest.

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Reference: 16498

RZ Hand grenade F-1 - replica

Replica of the Soviet grenade F-1 (Ручная Противопехотная Граната Ф-1, russian military index ГРАУ - 57-Г-721). This grenade was introduced for using in 1940, fuse UZRGM after WWII and is being used up to present times.

Price zł59.00

Reference: 15542

RZ Cover for helmet 6B27, Digital Flora

Helmet cover for russian kevlar 6B27 helmet and it's replica manufactured by our company. One size fits all this type of helmets. Side of cover containes rubber, to ease overlap on helmet. Note: all other items are just for illustration purpose and they are not included with the cover! Fabric: Greta 210 g Weight: 50 g

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