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Reference: 10104

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Carrying strap for Kalashnikov or SVD

Original cloth strap for weapon. Used for russian guns: AKM, AK-74, SVD, PK/PKM etc. Version from USSR, in olive-sand shade.

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PBF (Hamster) gas mask, black

ZSRR i Rosja

New, unused gas mask. Include holding bag, mask and 2 air filter with protection cap.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Not used, with signs of storing
Country of manufacturer
USSR and Russia (1917-1993)
Camouflage / colour

New, unused gas mask. Include holding bag, mask and 2 air filter with protection cap.

Caution: The filters contain various filtering substances, are out of date and are not suitable for use! The set is sold only as a collectible.

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Reference: 14432

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Banknote 25 Roubles, used

Soviet banknote about denomination 25 Roubles. Led in 1961 and in circulation into the disintegration the USSR.

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Reference: 17281


FRP Frog for bayonet 6H3, 6H4 or 6H5, Multikam

Frog to the bayonet 6H3, 6H4 or 6H5. Made from multikam carried tape and of metal press studs. Belt loop is being done up - it is possible to hang the bayonet as a default to the belt, or to strap MOLLE kit.

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Reference: 16620

Brand: Federacja Rosyjska / WNP

PKM top grip covers, plum

Original PKM machine gun upper grip covers. Made of plum coloured plastic.

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Reference: 17209

Brand: RedZone

RZ Cover for helmet 6B47 with mounting NVG and RIS, Flora

Helmet cover for russian kevlar 6B47 helmet and it's replica manufactured by our company. One size fits all this type of helmets. Version for helmet with mounting for night vision goggles and RIS rail. With ballistic goggle mounts.

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Reference: 16458

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Posters - Civil Defence - set of 19 posters

Complete set of 19 authentic training poster of the Civil Defence the USSR. Such Posters were hung up in workplaces, schools, offices and training rooms. The entire series are showing action in case of the attack with nuclear , biological or chemical weapons (ABC).

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Reference: 17002

Brand: ZSRR i Rosja

Tourniquet (zghut) - early 70's years - pink

Rubber tourniquet - called "zhgut". Basic component of medical protecting soldiers. Very often it was wrapped around buttstock.Produced in the times of the USSR in the 70's.

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Reference: 12840

Brand: Polska

MP-4 gas mask "Buldog"

Military gas mask, MP-4 "Buldog". Set contains: gas mask, filter, emergency glasses and bag. Filter is expired, the set is sold as a collectible.

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Reference: 15412

Brand: Federacja Rosyjska / WNP

"22 minuts" - DVD

Film based on fact - pirates are hijacking the Russian ship transporting gas. Action of Marines being aimed at impressing the ship.

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