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RZ Vest "Lifchik M14 SWD", camouflage Flora


Light tactical combat vest - allows carrying 10 SVD and 2 hand grenades....


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New / unused
Product of RedZone company
Made in Poland
for SVD
Camouflage / colour

Light tactical combat vest - allows carrying 10 SVD and 2 hand grenades. Possible use pockets for magazines also to grenades - 2 to every. Nylon strips and buckles enables fitting to any size of user. Special foam inside braces on shoulders allows to distribute the weight of things inside vest. User can also attach additional pouches (for example radio or first aid pouches) thanks to MOLLE standard strips on braces.

- 5 pockets for magazines SVD - each contain at 2 magazines
- 2 pockets for grenades 
- braces with special foam inside and MOLLE strips

Note! The photographs present the vest in our arrangement - with magazines and other accessories. These items are not included in the package allocated for sale.

Material: Greta, 51% cotton, 49% polyester
Weight: 550 g

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