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RZ Maskalat "Shturman", Digital Flora camouflage

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Maskalat in basic configuration have special pockets for 6 AK rifle magazines, 4 hand granades and combat knife or bayonet.

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Product of RedZone company Made in Poland
Camouflage / colour Digital Flora

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Maskalat designed in cooperation with Spetsnaz soldiers, perfect for short combat missions, like one-day fight or assaulting enemy lines, buildings, fortifications. Maskalat consists miltifunctional jacket, trousers and belt sewed from durable material "Greta". We have employed a lot of unicate solutions, which were suggested by experienced soldiers, like special pockets for basic outfit, modular belt cover, belts for additional outfit in MOLLE standard, loose cut, and a lot of other solutions.
Maskalat in basic configuration have special pockets for 6 AK rifle magazines, 4 hand granades and combat knife or bayonet. Additional pockets are used for carrying own things or other equipment. Those pockets have special collar, making impossible loosing things from them. All pockets are on button backle, making possible opening and closing pockets in silence. Jacket have big back cargo pocket used for carrying waterproof coat or another equipment. Specially designed belt/belt cover with system of openings allows module releasing outside and grapple pouches. Belt can be held in special belt cover, so it doesn't brake the camouflage capabilities, because all belt is invisible in this case. Specially designed openings in belt cover allows releasing main belt outside only in places used for installing additional pouches, holsters or covers. This construction is holding pouches on chest in one place, disable to cracking about body.
- 3 pockets for AK magazines - each of pocket for 2 magazines
- 2 universal pockets on hips
- 2 pockets on shoulders
- 1 big cargo pocket on the back
- 4 grenade pockets
- MOLLE belts on chest and shoulders
- Sleeves with welts on wrists
- Hood with welt enabling fixing it to the head
- Strenghings on elbows
- Neck ventilation system
- Belt cover with special system of openings enabling to module releasing it outside and installing pouches
- Material belt 50 mm wide, for combining the jacket
- 2 internal pockets on hips
- 2 pockets on the back of the legs
- 2 pockets on thighs
- Pocket for knife or bayonet on right calf
- Welts in hips, on calfs and ankles
- Strenghings on knees and buttock
- Wide belt with belt loops
Attention! On the photographs is also presented maskalat in our point of view - with addicional pouches, magazines and equipment - this elements are not in one complete set to be sold together.

Material: "Greta", 51% cotton, 49% polyester, 210g/m2
Weight: 1900 - 2100 g (depend from size)

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